Windows 11 can Run on Surface Duo But Enthusiast Advises Against It: Here’s Why


An enthusiast has been able to run Windows 11 on Surface Duo. Despite the achievement, however, there are certain reasons as to why users should not be doing this, according to the enthusiast.

Windows 11 Forced to Work on Microsoft Surface Duo Through Modding Project

A certain enthusiast was able to dual-boot the newer operating system, Microsoft’s Windows 11, alongside Android on the company’s Surface Duo.

An engineering student named Gustave Monce shared how he was able to do this on Twitter.

According to the story by Screen Rant, it is important to note that Microsoft has not even released an official Surface Duo support for Windows 11. In addition, the project was independently modded and, per the publication, required a “generous dose of technical know-how.”

Key Features Stopped Working

Despite it being possible to mod the Surface Duo, however, there were still other essential features that basically did not work once it was modded. These features include the touch screen interface, which was rendered useless.

Screen Rant recommends that users create a backup for all of their data should they decide to try out the modding process.

The official details were also shared on a GitHub repository. It has been noted that this can easily be replicated on the Surface Duo as long as it has at least 128GB of storage.

Windows 11 Used was Built for a Special Tailored Version of the ARM Chip

When it comes to the device’s operation, the Surface Duo still runs with Android as it should but a PC is needed in order to boot the second OS to run Microsoft Windows 11. According to Screen Rant, what is even more interesting is that this type of modding has not yet been replicated on the later versions of the Surface Duo, such as the Surface Duo 2.

The lack of replication on the Surface Duo 2 could also mean that nobody has dared to try out the possibility yet.

It should be noted that the Windows 11 used was actually built specifically for a “tailored” version of the ARM chip. This means that it is not one of the regular ones that are running on just Intel or AMD-based machines.

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Other Features that Stopped Working on the Surface Duo

When it comes to the limitations as a result of modding the Windows 11 on the Surface Duo, the most important takeaway is that, as previously mentioned, the touch screen interface will not work.

Another huge problem is that the network connectivity system will be affected. The cameras will also notwork, and the device will also experience some other “key hardware-driven functions” that will stop working.

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