TechWhy Is It Necessary To Hire An Ethical Hacker?

Why Is It Necessary To Hire An Ethical Hacker?


Ethical hackers, like malevolent hackers, are motivated by the desire to penetrate a target’s cyber defenses. An ethical hacker, on the other hand, functions according to the law and notifies a firm of any flaws discovered in its assets. While some ethical hackers prefer to work on their own, many businesses hire or collaborate with them. Hacking is frequently associated with illegal activity in the mainstream media. Ethical hacking, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. Among IT sector professionals all over the world in 2021, many have dreams of becoming ethical hackers.

Types Of Ethical Hackers

Team Red Vs. Team Blue

The purpose of the red team vs. blue team exercise is to improve the organization’s preventive, diagnostic, and response controls. The navy uses this approach, in which a red team strikes and a blue team protects. Through continual feedback and bidirectional knowledge sharing, these cyber security specialists work closely together to improve security.

Bug Bounty Hunters

Bug bounty hunters are cyber security amateurs and professionals who do continuous security testing using crowd-sourced data. They are exceptionally resourceful individuals who are skilled at identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities without resorting to a formula. An organization would love to reward them rather than pay them for their work if they effectively report a novel, unique, and in-scope vulnerability.

Testers For Penetration

A penetration tester assesses a computer system’s or network’s security by recreating an attack from malevolent outsiders, usually within the client’s specified timescale and/or target scope. They are responsible for identifying cyberattacks and vulnerabilities, as well as controlling them. It employs a variety of manual skills aided by automated tools, to exploit known flaws.

Is There A Demand For Ethical Hackers?

Because of the well-publicized reputation of cybercriminals, ethical hackers are in high demand. They still need to persuade organizations that they’re here for positive reasons, but attitudes are changing, and ethical hackers are now widely regarded as the basis of IT security assessment.

According to a 2020 survey conducted by Robert Walters and Vacancy Soft, many European businesses think they lack cyber security talent. Organizations usually switch to a bigger network of talents, experience, and expertise by forming a network of security specialists. Therefore, it sounds safe to hire one of the best ethical hackers in the world on the Prohactive platform.

What Are The Traits Of An Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hackers are curious, inquisitive, and investigative individuals. They’re keen to expand their understanding of the rapidly evolving security field.

As per the report of the Ethical Hacker Insight 2021, 70% of the hackers use the platform to study and grow their abilities, while 40% are motivated by the challenge.

To be a successful researcher, you must be able to approach hacking with a fresh viewpoint, unleash unbridled creativity, and be willing to go against the flow.

There are no formal prerequisites for ethical hackers in terms of qualifications. To learn how to hack, most hackers take part in self-teaching, online blogs and publications, and online classes. However, the majority of the community of researchers has taken initiatives to improve their maximum degree of knowledge, demonstrating their innate need to grow once more. While accreditation is beneficial, it is not always available to all, and learning something different can provide a more accurate depiction of criminal activity and strategies.

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