WhatsApp iOS to Block Screenshots for ‘View Once’ According to Leaks—When Is it Coming?


Meta and WhatsApp are planning something new for their iOS version, and it is allegedly aiming to block screenshots on photos and videos that were sent via the “View Once” feature. The leaks claim that this feature is coming soon for all iPhone users that utilize WhatsApp, and this update would help them keep confidential or private images only available after the first click of the image.

WhatsApp to Block Screenshots for View Once on the iOS

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WhatsApp debuted the View Once feature for the media sent on devices last year, giving users a chance to control what stays or goes in their conversation with specific individuals. More than a year later, there are now reports regarding the iOS version of WhatsApp blocking the screenshots made to those media, to further protect the sender.

According to WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp beta for iOS is showing great promise in delivering this feature for all, particularly as it delivers on blocking screenshots from taking media from View Once messages.

It would work on screen recordings as well, as it could be a potential alternative for taking a screenshot on these expiring media.

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Black Screen to Appear on Screenshot for View Once?

The new WhatsApp feature for View Once would not capture a black or grey image when taking a screenshot in a private message sent by users. Instead, it would display a broken camera logo and a broken video camera logo, saying “Screenshot Blocked” or “Screen Recording Blocked” respectively.

WhatsApp further explains in their notice that it is done for “added privacy” for the sender.

WhatsApp and its Features for the iOS

Different features are appearing first for iOS or Android users in WhatsApp’s releases, but they are not entirely exclusive to one operating system from the other.

It may only arrive first under a beta test for a certain OS, but does not necessarily mean that it will be unavailable to the other, particularly with new features from the instant messaging app.

One of that features is WhatsApp iOS and its ability to hide one’s online status when using the application.

The company is also strengthening its migration from Android to iOS as some opt to use third-party apps to transfer their WhatsApp data from one device to the other with differing systems.

It is a massive help for users who are making a switch from Android to iPhone, especially as before, WhatsApp does not offer this to the public.

Features like the View Once give the sender and user more control over which images are staying or departing the platform, with screenshots no longer applicable to getting a copy of what was sent. Still, this feature may be in the works and arriving soon in the future says the leaks, with the feature already available in the latest beta.

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