Twitter Blue Debuts First Edited Tweet—Teaser Shows How It Works, New Icon


Twitter Blue is flaunting its new edit features which show the first ever use of the upcoming function that will help users change words or revise after already publishing the tweet. The company teases the feature with its nooks and crannies that paid users may access in the future, particularly for those with subscriptions under Twitter’s premium offers.

It already shows how the edit feature works, and there is a button to click to view the history of the previous tweet.

Twitter Blue Debuts Edit Tweet Feature

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Twitter Blue teased an upcoming feature for the platform, and it shows how an edit tweet function works when a user decides to change or amend certain parts of their online showcase. The company already shows the edited tweet, and it shows how it changed from the unfinished text to its current tweet where Twitter added some more information to its teaser.

The edited tweet is the first recorded use of the feature via the platform, and it also serves as a teaser that announces that it is already available on Twitter.

However, it is only for the company’s use as of the moment, as it is still polishing up some functions before its availability for all in the near future.

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Twitter Edit Tweet Coming Soon

According to Android Central, while this teaser gives the public a lot to see about the upcoming feature from Twitter Blue, the social media company did not yet reveal any release dates for its arrival. It means that people would have to wait for Twitter’s next announcement of the feature, and this is also for Blue subscribers of the platform.

Twitter Blue’s Offers

The famously paid subscription experience of Twitter, the Blue platform, is thriving in its many offers and features available for users that will allow them to get exclusive features among other needs. One of the most famous features to arrive for Twitter Blue is the edit tweet function that will allow people to correct their mistakes on the already published tweet.

Supposedly, it is coming by late September, but only the teaser arrived from Twitter arrived.

Another feature to arrive is the latest addition to Spaces, with the Podcasts platform adding a new experience that will allow audio logs and episodes to be widely accessible for users under the Twitter Blue subscription. It opens up a way for users to opt-in to new audio experiences that will center on content from many artists and producers which decide to upload their content on the platform.

Edit tweet is a feature that many users and fans are already asking for from the company for a long time, and it may be the oldest request from account holders. It will soon arrive following this teaser, but users need to subscribe to its premium access feature to get this once it drops from the social media platform.

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