Tesla Drivers Test FSD Using Kids as Road Obstacles?


Tesla drivers found a very unique-that seems to be quite dangerous method to test the popular Full Self-Driving feature. 

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A vendor demonstrates the use of the touch screen inside a Tesla car on display at a shopping mall in Beijing on April 14, 2021. (Photo by NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP)

This is specifically asking their kids to stand in front of their electric cars, acting as road obstacles. For the past few years, the Tesla FSD received various advanced enhancements.

These feature upgrades allow it to evade obstacles, such as trees, pedestrians, and other objects that can affect FSD’s navigation.

Although this is the case, some individuals still want to ensure that the Tesla Full Self-Driving feature works properly before using it on actual roads.

But is using kids as road obstacles too much? Here’s what a dad explained.

Tesla Drivers Test FSD Using Kids as Road Obstacles?

According to CNN Business‘ latest report, a Tesla owner named Carmine Cupani confirmed that he asked his young son to act as a road obstacle so he could test the FSD feature.

Tesla Drivers Test FSD Using Kids as Road Obstacles? Dad Explains Why He Did This

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A Model S sits on the showroom floor at a Tesla dealership on March 30, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Tesla has announced it is recalling 123,000 of its Model S sedans due to a problem with power steering bolts.

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He even posted a video to show that his kid is crossing the street while the Full Self-Driving feature is activated on his Tesla.

“Some people look at it and say, ‘Oh this crazy dad, what is he doing?’ Well, I do a lot of stuff like that, but I’m going to make sure my kid doesn’t get hit,” said Cupani.

Although this is a very dangerous test, the Tesla FSD showed its efficiency. Before the father turned on the advanced autonomous feature, he first accelerated the EV, reaching around 35 mph.

After that, he activated the Full Self-Driving mode. Thanks to the advanced features of FSD, it made a smooth brake, leading to a full stop before closing in on the kid in front.

Tesla FSD Update Slows Down 

Electrek reported that the giant automaker had slowed down the Tesla FSD 10.69 update rollout. Because of this, only around 1,000 electric vehicles were able to receive the new version on Aug. 20. 

Elon Musk explained that the rollout adjustment needs to be conducted because of many major code changes. If you want to learn more details about the FSD 10.69 update rollout, you can visit this link

Previously, the Tesla FSD price was reduced in China for loyal customers. 

On the other hand, a sleeping Tesla driver was caught using his autopilot mode. 

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