Neal Stephenson Named the Metaverse. Now, He’s Building It

Hi, everybody. Elizabeth is mourned, Ukraine is battling back, and new Covid vaccines are here. But this week will be remembered for the...

Twitter, Meta, and Blowing the Whistle on Big Tech

Hi, folks. We won’t have Fauci to kick around much longer. But we’ll always have Covid.The Plain ViewIn late 1969, Daniel Ellsberg made...

Put the System That Enabled Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes on Trial

Plus: Patents for the early web, the worth of digital items, and a visitors jam for the ages. Source link

I Thought Tech Would Take a Pandemic Hit. I Was Wrong

Hi all. Lauren Goode right here filling in for Steven Levy, who has already teleported into 2022 (one of many perks of dwelling...

Big Tech’s Flagships Are Leaking

Plus: The downfall of Yahoo and AOL, a glance again at my profession, and a regarding convergence in area. Source link

Before Going Meta, Mark Zuckerberg Must Fix Facebook

Plus: The nice Pamela McCorduck, the way forward for Apple merchandise, and one more loopy climate occasion. Source link

Eric Schmidt Is Funding ‘Super Evolution’

Plus: Google’s evil notion, selfies from area, and lightning putting far more than twice. Source link

The Art of the Thiel

Plus: Inside an early Facebook funding assembly, how models of measurement bought so tousled, and a mission for mankind. Source link

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