Spotify Island: Planet Hip-Hop is Now Live on ‘Roblox’


‘Roblox’ players have another destination upon the launch of Planet Hip-Hop in Spotify Island. 

The new virtual world is designed to be enjoyed by all hip-hop lovers and artists who want to connect their music with other people.

Spotify Unveils Hip-hop-Centric Island on ‘Roblox’

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‘Roblox’ players can now freely roam around the Planet Hip-Hop inside Spotify Island.

When Robloxians first learned that Spotify had launched “Spotify Island” on Roblox in May, they knew what was really up for the game.

As expected, the players have access to exclusive content on this feature, including merchandise, soundtrack, and quests.

Just this week, the music streaming giant brought Planet Hip-Hop, a special haven for every hip-hop artist who wants to showcase their music with other people.

The next generation of hip-hop listeners has a new place to dwell if they need to discover more songs from the most popular rappers on the planet.

According to PCGamesN, Spotify Island is partnering with Doechii, an American rapper who rose to fame because of her top-hit son “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” on TikTok last year.

Fans have the opportunity to interact with the “Swamp Queen” while having a perfect time to create their own beats and steps on the dance floor.

On top of that, they can also customize their cars in the “Speed Shop,” as well as gather merch while enjoying the futuristic landscape inspired by space elements.

“We wanted to create a space inspired by the newest era of hip hop, exploring how the current generation of artists and fans are redefining what the genre looks like and sounds like,” Spotify’s senior art director Steven Conaway said in a press release.

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Why Spotify Island Chose HipHop-Themed World?

Although a lot of song genres have been emerging in the new age, hip-hop remains to be a go-to pick for many people globally. 

According to TechCrunch, Spotify chose hip-hop to include in “Roblox” because of its popularity worldwide. The streaming app says that, on average, 44 billion streams of hip-hop music are playing every month.

Before the hip-hop-themed world arrived, there was K-Park, a unique virtual space on Spotify Island for k-pop lovers. However, the newest island presents a lot of new stuff for the listeners.

Planet Hip-Hop visitors can float around the area to take a closer look at the buildings and the lively city life. If you want to go to the planet’s rings, you can ride a customized car and stroll your way within the rich, futuristic setting.

During the demo, Spotify’s associate creative director Edward Yeung pointed out the involvement of planetary rings in the future virtual worlds. He said that someday, they could serve as “obstacle courses” for the players.

Spotify wants the streamers and fans to finish the quest in just 72 hours of Planet Hip-hop’s launch. If you do it right away, you will receive an exclusive pair of space glasses that you can only unlock in the space-themed area.

In other news, Mojang confirms its collaboration with BBC Earth for a project that will be based on Frozen Planet II. The “Minecraft: Education Edition” will stray away from the usual game version since it will focus more on language learning, vocabulary, and other educational stuff.

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