Sony Xperia 5 IV Unveiled: Everything You Need to Know About the New Flagship Smartphone


Sony unveiled its latest flagship smartphone to the world, and the Xperia 5 IV brought its specifications to the world in its recent showcase, with a significant size change on the device.

The new smartphone is smaller in size than its previous releases with the Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 10 IV. Still, it does not necessarily mean that Sony sacrificed features and performance for the device.

Sony Xperia 5 IV: Specs and What it Brings

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Sony introduced the Xperia 5 IV smartphone to the world, and there have been significant changes to the device since its 2021 predecessor arrived last year to bring the flagship technology to all. One of the most noticeable differences is its size, and while it is slightly smaller than the Xperia 1 IV, it still packs a significant spec sheet for all.

It brings a 6.1-inch FHD 120Hz OLED screen that extends to the entirety of the device, features 5G cellular connectivity, 128GB of storage with an expandable microSD slot that most smartphones do not feature anymore, and an 8GB RAM.

The Sony Xperia 5 IV also features a triple camera setup for its rear camera, each built with its Alpha series Exmor RS mobile sensor. It features 12 megapixels of shooting capabilities, low-light photo, and video, as well as a 4K HDR 120fps recording on all lenses.

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Sony Xperia 5 IV: Price and Release Date

The Sony Xperia 5 IV is available for pre-order at its online store for $999 only, and this is the only variant there is to the smartphone. It offers a bundle on pre-orders that will include its flagship Bluetooth earphones, the WF-1000XM4, one of the most reliable wireless earbuds available in the market, for $999 only, saving up to $280 for the earphones.

The device will deliver on October 27 to 28, as estimated by Sony.

Sony’s Smartphones

Sony’s smartphone take has had a long list since its first debut in 2008. Back then, the device was still using the Windows Mobile OS until 2010, before migrating to the Android OS in 2010 up to the present. Fast forward to 2021, the company’s latest Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III brought one of the most advanced variable telephoto lenses on the market.

The Xperia Pro, released in January 2021, is one of the earliest 5G smartphones in the United States, and it opened the market to give the country its next-level cellular data connection for the device. Still, despite the many competitors in the smartphone industry, Sony provides a powerful lineup of devices for all.

Now, its latest smartphone take is here, and Sony is giving the world what it needs for a device that is a significant need in the current time. The many features of the Xperia 5 IV provide the world with endless possibilities for the technology, with the company offering a significant camera that is one of the sought-after features on these devices.

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