Satoshi’s Seed: How Bitcoin Changed The World

Bitcoin is poised to exponentially rework the world as we presently realize it. It is claimed that 100 years of technological and social advances will happen throughout the subsequent ten years! This will not be your father’s web. Buckle up!

For those that don’t fairly but perceive Bitcoin’s profound implications, my boomer friends particularly, Bitcoin will not be merely one other incremental invention such because the fax machine or streaming video on the web. Its consequential worth will not be merely like that of a brand new digital machine and even one other new FAANG firm equal. As Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy has prompt, Bitcoin’s emergence and speedy adoption are maybe as impactful and culturally transformative as the traditional hominid’s discovery of fireplace itself. Indeed, Mr. Saylor now asserts that Bitcoin is actually digital fireplace!

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