Samsung XCover6 Pro Now has 5G, Company Reveals Availability Alongside Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro


Samsung’s smartphone releases may seem fragile and easy to break, especially with its glass body that may shatter when dropped, but it does not fear much for the XCover6 Pro which brings a 5G connection for all. The company will launch this new rugged device alongside its extra-durable tablet, the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro, soon coming to the US market. 

Samsung XCover6 Pro: Pricing and Launch Details

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Samsung Newsroom US announced earlier today that the XCover6 Pro is now available in the country, marking today as the first in its market availability after more than two months since its release. It brings the latest XCover6 Pro device available for all, and it is featuring an upgrade to 5G for better cellular connections and access. 

It delivers 6GB RAM with 128GB storage, and an expandable microSD card slot up to 1TB. The XCover6 Pro will arrive with Android 12 and a Snapdragon 778G chipset. The smartphone is also featuring a removable battery for easy replacement. 

It will be available by October 20 via select carriers and retailers, or via the Samsung Business website. The South Korean company has not yet revealed the pricing for the new smartphone. 

The Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro also joins its availability in the country, and both devices are MIL-STD-810H grade, meaning that they can withstand more drops and soaks in the workplace. 

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro

On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro is now available from the company, for $649 SRP. The tablet brings a dedicated S-Pen that comes standard for its release, as well as physical keys which may be programmed as push-to-talk for a walkie-talkie function, helping workers communicate better. 

Both devices are also upgraded with a 5G module to connect to the latest cellular connection spectrum available. 

Samsung’s Rugged Devices

While many companies stop the release of their flagship smartphones and other devices in the lineup, Samsung goes beyond this to deliver functional and durable devices available for all users. The company made sure to deliver one rugged device every year, especially as 2022 saw the XCover6 Pro which picks up from last year’s XCover5 Pro.

The device may launch later in the United States compared to other countries, but it still brings the robust gadgets available to the country, launching alongside the Active tablet. 

The last Galaxy Tab Active 3 brought the world a military-grade toughness in the market, making it available for all markets, not only for the military. These smart devices go the extra mile for users and the company, especially as they may use them for different applications like outdoor activities, factories, and other places which may compromise the tech. 

Its new generation is here in the United States now after its last unveil in June, giving the rugged smartphone market an update to 5G and better features with the XCover6 Pro. The Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro launches alongside it, and both bring a new option for users which would suit their needs, especially for more durable devices. 

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