Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Could Beat iPhone 14 Pro When it Comes to Display Brightness


Samsung Galaxy S23 series might be just around the corner following several rumors that it can beat Apple’s latest handset by a mile.

According to the new rumor, this next-gen handset might have the brightest display among the handhelds of this generation. The report from Phone Arena also suggests that it can beat iPhone 14 Pro Max in this category.

Samsung S23 Ultra Rumored to Have Brightest Display

(Photo : Anh Nhat from Unsplash)

As a reference, the previous flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra has only a maximum brightness of 1750 nits. However, the latest rumor says that the upcoming S23 Ultra lineup will boast up to 2150 nits of brightness.

According to RGClouds, the tipster behind this rumor, Samsung might adjust this number and it “might be different at launch.”


The leaker added that the South Korean tech giant could introduce an even higher number of nits which could exceed 2200. The expected minimum peak brightness might sit at 2100 nits, per his tweet.

If that happens, the Galaxy S23 Ultra could be the brightest smartphone on the planet. It has a huge potential to even beat iPhone 14 Pro Max which only touts 2000 nits.

What We Know so Far About Galaxy S23 Ultra

So far, Samsung has unveiled that this smartphone will have a 200 MP main shooter along with two 10 MP telephoto cameras (3x optical, 30x Space Zoom, and 10x optical zoom, 100x digital zoom). There’s also a 12 MP ultra-wide camera aside from the 32 MP selfie shooter.

Aside from that, the company boasts that its 5000mAh battery supports 25W wired charging and even 15W wireless charging.

The expected release date of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could be in January or February. Of course, this will run on the latest Android 13 OS.

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Other Rumors About Galaxy S23 Ultra

Last week, Tech Zone Daily reported that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a huge camera upgrade that will surpass the recently-launched Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Based on the previous report, the Chinese tipster posted three images of a pumpkin captured from three different smartphones. Among the three, the last picture has the highest quality, as commenters mentioned in Weibo.

The last zoomed photo came from the rumored S23 Ultra according to the original poster. It’s no surprise that it might be one of the best mobile photography handsets upon its debut.

The image showed that the viewers can clearly see the realistic lines and ridges on the subject when you zoom it.

Another rumor about the Galaxy S23 series is its satellite communications feature. If that’s the case, then Samsung might be following the footsteps of Apple when it comes to this function.

The company might be thinking that this feature could sell instantly to Korea given the small coverage of the country. To test if it will be a top hit to the masses, the service could first be launched in China, the Americas, Europe, and Russia, per GSM Arena.

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