PS5 Update Adds 1440p Support, Improved UX, and More


Sony finally launched the most recent PlayStation 5 system software update. On Wednesday, Sept. 7, the new PS5 system software is out globally, providing us with highly-requested additions to the game system. One is the launch of the 1440p support that provides gamers with another resolution option for PS gaming.

Last Sept. 7, Sony Platform Experience Senior VP Hideaki Nishino shared that the update includes a number of highly requested features like game lists and 1440p HDMI video output, in addition to social features like the ability to view new friends’ profiles easily and demand a share screen from another party member.

Furthermore, players can get a notification to join a friend’s game more quickly from the party chat.

More About 1440p Support for PS5

The tech company finally revealed the latest update for the PlayStation5 after running under limited and beta testing starting last July. According to Sony, the company has been keen on listening to its user base’s feedback and bringing the requested features back to the community.

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This is evident in the most recent update when Sony finally enabled 1440p support. Players have long requested that the PS5 include another resolution option between 1080p and 4k. With 1440p HDMI video output support, players can select an additional visual option on PC monitors and smart televisions.

Many people consider 1440p a bit of a tipping point for achieving fast FPS and solid quality, especially if you choose the correct screen size for gaming. Gfinity Esports tells us that many love this software update because “sacrificing resolution” is one of the best ways to enable high framerates.

Although it is not recommended by most tech experts, lowering visual output resolution can boost FPS even without an HDMI 2.1 monitor or TV. Another thing, not all PS5 players play with massive and over-the-top displays. This means that the addition of 1440p only balances the options for many players. After all, the Xbox Series X has been supporting output in 1440p for some time.

To test this new feature, PlayStation informs us that players can check if their HDMI device is compatible by selecting “Test 1440p Output” under the “Screen and Video” options within system settings.

Other Cool Additions to the PS5

Engadget tells us that the update also added Gamelists where players can now store their games in a more organized manner. According to the same report, people can store up to 100 games in each of the 15 Gamelists they have.

The update also added a feature called Request Share Screen. Users of the PS App will be able to launch a Share Screen session with another party member playing on a PS5 and then view their friend’s gaming via the app.

Check out the PlayStation Blog to read more about the new software update.

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