PS5 Production Prioritized by Sony! Enough Consoles for Everyone?


PS5 production is now the priority of Sony this 2022. The giant game company announced that it would make efforts to produce enough consoles, meeting the rising consumer demands.  

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LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 28: A detailed view of a PS4 controller as players practice during day one of the 2019 ePremier League Finals at Gfinity Arena on March 28, 2019 in London, England.

When Sony launched the new PlayStation 5 back in November 2020, the demand for this console quickly increased. As of writing, some fans are still unable to have their own consoles. 

Major issues prevent them from having their beloved PS5 units. These include SoC scarcity, scalpers, as well as other consumers. 

This is why gaming experts advise buyers to choose PS4, as it still offers some features compared to those integrated into the more advanced PlayStation 5. 

Now, Sony is expected to solve this issue. Here are the efforts it will make to ensure that enough PS5 consoles will be released. 

PS5 Production Prioritized by Sony!

Sony’s official document presentation showed the issues affecting its PS5 production. These include the effects of COVID-19 health protocols in Shanghai, China. 

PS5 Production Prioritized by Sony! Enough Consoles for Everyone? Here's What the Company Plans To Do

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Sony’s Playstation 5 logo is seen at an electronics store in Tokyo on November 10, 2020, ahead of the gaming console’s release scheduled for November 12. (Photo by CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP)

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The company also said that the Russia-Ukraine conflict also affects logistics and potential parts inventory for its PS5 consoles. 

Of course, the chipset shortage also affects the company’s PlayStation 5 productions. Now, Sony shared its plans to ensure that it can meet the PS5 demands of its consumers in the following months and years. 

The first effort of Sony is to source from multiple suppliers, allowing it to have greater agility in unstable market conditions. 

The second effort focuses on retaining its ongoing negotiations to maintain optimal delivery routes for the PS5 console.     

PS5 Sales To Overtake PS4 Revenues 

According to Engadget‘s latest report, once Sony meets the rising PS5 demands, its PlayStation 5 sales are expected to overtake the revenues generated from PS4 consoles. 

Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, said that once it successfully ramps up PS5 console productions, it will increase the gaming device’s manufacturing levels. 

If you want to see further details about the PS5 production ramp-up plans of Sony, you can visit this link

Recently, Intel’s CEO claimed that the PS5 stock shortage is expected to continue until 2024. 

On the other hand, Walmart’s PS5 restock recently happened. But, it was exclusive to Walmart Plus members. 

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