OnePlus Nord Watch Specs, Design, and Price Leaked: Black, White, and Gold Variations?


A leak has revealed what the upcoming Nord Watch might look like. On top of its design, other details, including specs and price, have also been leaked as well.

OnePlus Only Shows a Glimpse of What the Upcoming OnePlus Nord Watch will Look Like

When it comes to leaks, although they are sometimes correct and sometimes off target. The most recent leak, however, is a render showing what the smartwatch might look like in its black variant.

OnePlus is teasing the upcoming OnePlus Nord Watch’s arrival. As seen on the OnePlus India website’s landing page, only a glimpse of the upcoming smartwatch can be seen.

Tipster Shares Renders of What the Complete Smartwatch Should Look Like

This, however, is not the whole picture since Mukul Sharma, a tipster, shared renders of the complete smartwatch on Twitter. The interesting thing about the leak is that it wasn’t just limited to what the smartwatch would look like but also other specs for the gadget.


Image Shows a Crown Located at the Right Edge of the Smartwatch

According to the story by Gizmo China, which shared the findings of Mukul Sharma, the OnePlus Nord Watch was seen in the Midnight Black variant. The image reportedly shows the square-shaped display along with a crown located at the smartwatch’s right edge.

The publication notes that as per the render, the device looks to be fitted with a silicone strap and the image shows that the smartwatch will come with other features like health tracking, heart rate sensors, step counter, calorie burner, and others.

Confirmed OnePlus Nord Watch Specs

So far, OnePlus has officially confirmed that the upcoming Nord Watch will be using a 1.78-inch AMOLED display capable of offering 368 x 448-pixel resolution. When it comes to the smartwatch’s brightness, it will reportedly be able to reach 500 nits.

The company also said that more details regarding the smartwatch will be revealed on September 22, 24, 26, and 28. The additional details will be revealed via the smartwatch’s landing page.

Other Nord Watch Specs that have Yet to be Confirmed

Despite the lack of detail, Sharma reportedly tipped off some of the important features that buyers might be able to expect from the smartwatch. These features include potential 105 fitness modes, a heart rate tracker, a SpO2 tracker, stress monitoring, and health tracking for women.

To top everything off, the upcoming OnePlus Nord Watch is also expected to come with multiple different watch faces. When it comes to connectivity, the smartwatch will be functioning on Bluetooth 5.2 connection.

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OnePlus Nord Watch Price Estimations

There is still no news regarding the smartwatch’s battery size but so far, the article by Giz China notes that it is expected to last up to 10 days.

When it comes to the variations and price, the smartwatch could come in options of black, white, and gold. The OnePlus Nord Watch could cost buyers anywhere between $62 to $102 as per the publication.

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