OnePlus Founder Teases Foldable Phone Hinge from OPPO—New OnePlus Phone Coming Soon?


OnePlus founder and Chief Product Officer of OPPO, Pete Lau, recently teased an image regarding smartphone hinges that focus on foldable phones’ technology for its screen and body. The foldable phone hinges came from the OPPO Find N, the latest take of the Chinese smartphone company on the foldable device.

However, this new teaser by Lau may mean that it will come for OnePlus’s production soon.

OnePlus Founder Teases Foldable Phone Hinges on Social Media

(Photo : OPPO )

Over the weekend, Pete Lau shared different tweets regarding a teaser on foldable phones, with one asking about what the technology has seen in the photo he tweeted. Here, it showed a smartphone component that is something that comes with a device that they already brought, and it is a foldable smartphone hinge for its screen and body.

After more than an hour, Lau later quoted the tweet and revealed the answer, saying that it is a foldable smartphone hinge from the OPPO Find N, a smartphone company for which he serves as the Chief Product Officer.

He then shared with the tweet a community forum via OnePlus that asks what the public wants from a foldable smartphone, which may indicate that a device may be coming from the smartphone company.

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Will OnePlus Debut a Foldable Phone like OPPO?

There are no confirmations from Pete Lau who also serves as the current CEO of OnePlus in the present. However, his teasers and community forum post may indicate that OnePlus is working on a foldable phone that will have the same mechanism as OPPO, one that will focus on a crease-free screen that would have a seamless display on it.

OnePlus, OPPO, and its Releases

OnePlus and OPPO are brands that belong under one company, the BBK Electronics Corporation from China, and they have different focuses for their devices which ultimately boils down to competitors in the market. Nevertheless, these companies have different releases and focus that makes them stand out in their leagues.

OnePlus is famous for its high-end smartphones that bring significant development to the world, especially with its latest OnePlus 10T which is the flagship release of the company for this year. There are other notable releases from OnePlus, but the company is not so much with multiple offers from its brand.

On the other hand, OPPO brings a massive lineup for the world to experience, particularly that of their rumored new foldable device lineup coming for everyone, starting with the OPPO Find N release.

The world may be filled with many smartphone releases from different companies but it still brings a significant improvement to each brand, giving everyone massive choices for their needs. OnePlus may be adopting something from OPPO for its soon release, but Pete Lau did not say much regarding a new foldable device from OnePlus for this teaser.

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