Older Amazon Kindle Devices to Lose E-book Access – Which Models are Affected?


Amazon’s once upon a time gadget for reading e-books is ending e-book store support for its older models. This means if users of Kindle’s older models don’t buy a new one, they will lose complete access to the e-book store of Amazon.

Amazon Kindle was Introduced Back in November 2007

According to the story by Slash Gear, this could make a lot of long-time owners of the Kindle device unhappy. Amazon, however, attempts to cheer them up by offering them compensation if they decide to buy a newer model.

The Kindle was introduced long ago in November 2007 and was the first of its kind. The device allowed users to read electronic books on a convenient tablet-like device. The device was reportedly an immediate hit during its time and quickly sold out.

Kindle Buyers Got Access to Initially 80,000 Digital Books

During its launch, the device gave users access to over 80,000 digital books in Amazon’s library. The new approach, during that time, provided its owners with easy access to e-books through an alternative to either smaller smartphones or oversized tablets.

One advantage Amazon made sure its users got when they bought the Kindle was that they could use the device despite being under direct sunlight due to the display still being visible. Amazon has been supporting its older Kindle devices for some time now but the company has decided to make some changes.

Which Kindle Models Are Affected?

Basically, Kindle models that are 10 years and older will lose access to Amazon’s e-book store. In support of this, a Reddit user shared that they have received an email from Amazon saying the support for the e-book store will end on August 17, 2022, according to Android Police.

Here are the Affected Devices

  • Kindle (second generation) International

  • Kindle DX International

  • Kindle Keyboard

  • Kindle (fourth generation)

  • Kindle (fifth generation)

Other Kindle devices that weren’t mentioned but are either 10 years old or older will also lose support to Amazon’s e-book store. To clarify, the devices can still function as e-readers but now without any access to Amazon’s e-book store.

To clarify, the new changes do not mean that the older Kindle devices will become completely useless. Users will still be able to get e-books by ordering them somewhere else and having them delivered to their e-readers.

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How to Continue Using Your Older Kindle Devices

The update just basically means that users will no longer be able to order or browse from their older Kindle model. Users can still order e-books from their smartphone, computer, or tablet and have them delivered to the older Kindle.

Slash Gear notes that the reason for this could be how shopping for e-books on older Kindle models could be slow-paced and inconvenient for users. The publication says that it is still much easier for users to browse and order from another device.

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