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Meet The Nomadic Entrepreneur That Made Building A Blog Simple With DropInBlog


One of the most constant themes that we can expect in the field of entrepreneurship has continuously been innovation and change. After one great idea comes to fruition, an entrepreneur is sitting at home finding problems with it and developing new ideas that will change its destiny. 

A great example of this is the story of Jesse Schoberg, whose innovation in the field of online blogging has recently caused quite a bit of uproar. With a little bit of luck and good fortune, we recently had the pleasure to talk with Schoberg to learn more about his service DropInBlog and learn more about him personally. 

Who is Jesse Schoberg? 

Some people just have a natural knack for entrepreneurship from a young age. This would perhaps be the best way to describe Schoberg. In his own words, he says that “I was a curious and driven entrepreneur from a very young age. I sold ThighMasters on eBay, started a t-shirt company, and got a patent for one of my ideas, all before I graduated high school.” Schoberg showed signs of financial intelligence at such a young age that would soon propel him to heights he probably never imagined.

After graduating high school, Schoberg began his own digital agency that gave him his first taste of success and freedom. In 2008 he decided to leverage that new found freedom and move to Panama. “That was the first time I really was exposed to some high-level expat entrepreneurs that were doing things online and creating their own life path. It was really inspirational for me.” Indeed, the inspiration he garnered from his peers in Panama soon propelled him to new heights. 

How The Inspiration For DropInBlog Came About

Today, DropInBlog is showing some serious signs of growth and inexorable success. Of course, though, this isn’t a business that built itself up overnight. There was a lot of thought and trial-and-error necessary for Schoberg to finally come up with the idea that would change his career forever. 

As he puts it, “When we had the agency we were making a lot of static sites for our clients. People loved the product, but once they wanted to get into content marketing the only solution we had was to create a custom WordPress theme and install it on a subdomain. This was a bit counterintuitive as the reason they built a static site to begin with was to avoid all the hassles of WordPress hosting, plugins, security issues etc. This is where the idea of a blog that we could just ‘drop in’ to the existing site was born.”

However, the biggest issue that he faced in 2015 after launching DropInBlog was that he simply couldn’t attract the customers he needed to be sustainable. In hindsight, he feels that he had a bit too much foresight: “We were a bit early with the original idea, but once we hit the timing and market fit of the no-code revolution, there was no looking back.” Indeed, after four years of struggling despite clearly seeing a need for his product, the demand was a little behind. 

Perhaps the biggest issue was that his main clientele was unaware of what they needed. Although many of them used no-code builders like Kartra, Thinkific, and Shopify, the market was not quite aware of its need for a no-code blogging mechanism. In 2019, the demand for his product finally began to catch up to his expectations. Today, DropInBlog is seen as a necessary tool for many no-code website owners and eCommerce moguls. 

Why Did DropInBlog See So Much Growth? 

As we mentioned, the growth for DropInBlog was a little more delayed than Schoberg had hoped for. Still, as soon as the target clients started to see the platform’s potential, it was inevitable that the extreme value it provides would catch some eyes and ears. Essentially how it works is that website owners can have blogs “dropped in” to their site with a short string of code. No more hours spent editing and formatting their blogs. As Schoberg asserts, “This is very powerful because if you start your business on Teachable and later move it to Thinkific you can bring your blog with you. This is important because now you don’t have to worry about the quality of the blog that comes with your main website builder. No other blog software integrates into so many platforms as seamlessly as we do.” Perhaps the simplicity and versatility of using DropInBlog and its ability to withstand major changes in a website builder were the biggest reasons why DropInBlog experienced the growth that it did. 

Outlook for the Future

The trend has been clear for some time now. Those seeking to make a new website should consider utilizing a no-code builder. From there, the owner might immediately find the need to have blogs routinely installed on their site for SEO and traffic-increasing purposes. Thanks to DropInBlog, this will now be easier than ever before. 

As more and more people continue to expand their online businesses, one need will remain constant: content. For this reason, entrepreneurs such as Schoberg with platforms that make it effortless for website owners to put up more blogs will likely continue to find success in their ventures. 

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