MediaU, The World’s First Transformative Ed-Tech Program


Adam Leipzig is the founder of MediaU, one of the first education-based organizations that help people break into the world of entertainment through career training classes and expertise from Adam himself and other leading professionals.

Adam is no stranger to the entertainment industry and has had quite a successful career, both writing and producing for the film world, working on projects like “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and “A Plastic Ocean.” He is also a former Disney and National Geographic Senior Executive, making him the perfect mentor to help those launch into a somewhat challenging, fast-paced career.

Leipzig started MediaU after coming across a problem when he would write film textbooks and taught at several film schools. He noticed that many of the textbooks and lessons surrounding film had been outdated and didn’t reflect the current industry. Along with that, too many students were not seeing their education pay off, struggling to get jobs and careers in the film field. Thus, leading him to create MediaU, the first ed-tech in the world.

MediaU’s ed-tech program offers educational, online film, television, and media training at an affordable price, taught by entertainment professionals who have worked for S&P 500 companies such as Netflix, Disney, and Paramount. Students can expect to be in classes like ‘Marketing & Distribution Roadmap for Independent Filmmakers -Fundamentals,’ ‘Marketing & Distribution Roadmap for Independent Filmmakers – Premium,’ ‘On the Verge,’ ‘Spotlight: Producing,’ ‘Spotlight: Financing,’ ‘Spotlight: Actors, Filmmakers’ and ‘SAG-AFTRA.’

The program not only eliminates the financial burden that comes with a great education, but recognizes the active lifestyle students deal with, implementing a self-paced program that allows students to take weeks or months to complete instead of years in a traditional setting. Classes taken with MediaU can even go towards obtaining certification at the University of California, and the company plans to develop similar relationships with other institutions.

MediaU’s main priority is to give underrepresented filmmakers the platform they deserve. “When we put the tools of storytelling into well-trained hands, and we intentionally diversify our outreach so that we include ALL – we will up-level a generation and invite perspectives that are both unique and universal,” the company asserts.

MediaU ensures students have access to unlimited resources in entertainment by connecting them with hiring managers and free access to any updated information MediaU may release related to a completed course upon graduating.

Adam Leipzig hopes that MediaU will “transform media worldwide for audiences and creators by broadening and expanding access, information, creative capacity, skills, resilience, and the diverse stories that are made and shared.” The company’s daring program is sure to revolutionize traditional educational models and foster some of the future’s top entertainment professionals.

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