TechLiquid Media Group’s Digital Cinema United Collaborates with Screenvision...

Liquid Media Group’s Digital Cinema United Collaborates with Screenvision Media For A Multiyear Deal


The Digital Technology Landscape is changing, and Liquid Media Group’s subsidiary Digital Cinema United is getting ahead.

Liquid Media Group is finding new ways to innovate and deliver creative content from inspiration to distribution. The company empowers independent IP creators to package, finance, deliver, and monetize their professional video IP globally.

It has expanded to families of companies to give independence to independents. As announced on September 22, Digital Cinema United, a Liquid Media company, has entered into a multi-year service agreement with Screenvision Media.

Digital Cinema United (DCU) is also taking its place as a leader in digital change. DCU is a global provider of technical content services for theatrical, home entertainment, and digital distribution platforms, with operations in Los Angeles, London, Malta, Prague, and South Africa. ScreenVisionMedia and DCU agreement will allow Digital Cinema United to manage content distribution at select Screenvision Media theatres.

Under the new agreement between ScreenVision Media and DCU, Digital Cinema United will manage the distribution of advertising content at select Screenvision Media exhibitor partners in their network of 2000+ theatres.

Liquid Media CEO Josh Jackson states about this new deal, “Delivering innovation to Screenvision Media and the rest of the industry through our DCU Connect technology, Liquid remains committed to executing its growth initiatives across all subsidiaries as we continue to build long-term shareholder value.”

Digital Cinema United plans to install its cloud-based electronic delivery platform, DCU Connect, across over 650 US theatres and manage content delivery for Screenvision Media’s advertising content. This process will replace the physical delivery of USB drives, which is long, tedious, and unnecessary.

DCU Connect is also 100% free to exhibitors and only requires software installation. There is no hardware cost or installation required, and the software installation only takes less than 20 minutes to complete remotely.  DCU Connect is considered by many theatrical exhibitors and technology partners to be the most scalable, cost-effective and easy to use electronic delivery platform in the US.

About the ease of this process, Ronnie Ycong, Executive Vice President & GM Americas, Digital Cinema United, outlines how “DCU’s goal is to ensure the content gets on screen securely and in a timely manner, while also supporting the operational efficiency and to drive cost savings for DCU’s exhibition and distribution partners.”

In addition to Screenvision Media, Digital Cinema United provides DCP production and delivery services for over 700 distributors, content owners, filmmakers, event cinema providers, film festivals, and sales agents globally, including the major Hollywood studios.

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