iPhone 14 Hack: How to Screenshot and Screenrecord on this Advanced Smartphone [Easy Guide]

iPhone 14 Hack: How to Screenshot and Screenrecord on this Advanced Smartphone [Easy Guide]

Apple’s newest handset lineup, the iPhone 14, just arrived last month. As usual, the Cupertino tech firm makes it available in standard and Pro variants. 

The users are waiting for the iPhone maker to unveil a game-changing feature not seen before in the previous releases. With the debut of AOD (Always-on-Display) and Dynamic Island, things have changed for the next-gen handheld.

At this point, some people are thinking about how to screengrab and screen record on iPhone 14. Given that it has more advanced features, is it easier to do them now than before? Let’s find out.

The Easiest Way to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 14

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Here’s how to screenshot and screenrecord on iPhone 14.

If you’re an owner of an older iPhone model, you will notice that the newest Apple smartphone has Face ID support. That’s something that you won’t see in iPhone 8 and other previous models.

This is a straightforward guide so pay attention to the steps below:

  1. First, head to the page where you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Tap and hold the right Side button and the Volume Up button at the same time.
  3. Once you hear the camera shutter, that’s the time that your screenshot is successful. You will see the preview of the captured image on the lower left of your screen.

How to Screenshot on iPhone 14 by Tapping

Apple has previously teased the arrival of the Back Tap feature, which could allow users to tap the back of the smartphone. Either way, a two-tap or three-tap gesture could work through this feature on iOS 14 or later.

While it’s convenient to use, you might accidentally click the rear part of the device and take screenshots without you knowing.

Here’s how to take an iPhone 14 screenshot by double-tap.

  1. Head to the iPhone’s Settings, then Accessibility.
  2. Then, click “Touch” under Physical and Motor.
  3. Continue scrolling down until you see “Back Tap.” Click it.
  4. Click on “Double Tap,” then select Screenshot. For another option, you can try Triple Tap.

You can now start taking screenshots by tapping the back part of your iPhone 14.

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How to Screenshot on iPhone 14 in a Button-less Way

This specific method will teach you how to take a screenshot without the need to click the buttons. Through the Assistive Touch on your iPhone 14, it’s possible to do.

  1. First, turn on the Assistive Touch by accessing the Settings, then Accessibility. Finally, go to Touch. 
  2. Enable the “Assistive” by manually toggling it on. You can instruct Siri as well to turn it on.
  3. For the screenshot trick through this feature, click the floating button and go to Device. From here, head to More and click the Screenshot option that you will see.

How to Screen Record on iPhone 14

Here’s what you need to know to record a clip on your iPhone 14.

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Tap the Control Center.
  3. Add Screen Recording to the list to enable it.
  4. Go to the Control Center and tap the Screen Recording toggle.
  5. A countdown timer will appear prior to the start of the screen recording.
  6. Stop the video capture by re-toggling Screen Recording.

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