Instagram’s New Feature Protects Users from Unsolicited Photos in DMs


Instagram is developing a new unsolicited sensitive photo protection tool, the Mark Zukerberg-owned tech giant, Meta, confirms.

It should allow its users to block unwanted content from slipping into their DMs once it starts rolling out.

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A photo taken on March 14, 2022, shows the US social network Instagram logo on a smartphone screen in Moscow. – Instagram was inaccessible in Russia on March 14 after Moscow accused its parent company Meta of allowing calls for violence against Russians, including the military, on its platforms.

Instagram’s Unsolicited Sensitive Photos Protection in DMs

As per the latest report by The Verge, Instagram is working on a new feature that protects its users from receiving unwanted content on their direct messages (DMs).

An app researcher on Twitter, Alessandro Paluzzi, leaked an image of the new “Nudity protection” feature on Instagram. The screenshot further reveals how the tool protects its users.

It says that the “technology on your device covers photos that may contain nudity in chats.” The explanation continues by saying, “Instagram can’t access the photos.”

The screenshot also bared that the protection tool provides users an option to “view photos or not.” So it looks like a disclaimer would show up when unwanted images make it to their DMs. And with that, they could now opt not to view the unsolicited content.


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How Instagram Plans to Protect Users from Unwanted Images

And it turns out that Meta is actually working on the leaked protection tool.

A spokesperson from Meta told CNET that the new tool that they are working on “helps people protect themselves from unwanted DMs, like photos containing nudity.”

However, the Meta spokesperson assures that the new “technology doesn’t allow Meta to see anyone’s private messages.” The tech giant also assures that the sensitive photos would not be shared with anyone else.

The Instagram owner went on to disclose that they are currently working closely with experts in going about this new feature.

Instagram Tests Unsolicited Sensitive Photos Protection in DMs: Here’s How it Works

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A picture taken on October 18, 2021 in Moscow shows the US social network Instagram’s logo on a tablet screen.

Meta further says that it aims to “preserve people’s privacy.” But at the same time, the firm is also looking to give its users “control over the messages they receive.”

CNET notes in the same report that the said feature on Instagram has yet to fully take off. Although it is currently in development, Meta has yet to start testing it out.

The Verge highlights in its report that the new nudity protection tool works similarly to an existing Instagram feature.

The new DM protection function should be familiar to users of the “Hidden Words.” The current feature allows users to filter their DMs against messages that might be offensive to them.

The new sensitive photo protection tool should work the same way once it starts rolling out to users.

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