HTC Blames Supply Chain Issues for ‘Metaverse’ Phone Delay


HTC hasn’t had an entry in quite a long time, and although fans were excited about the “metaverse” phone, company comments point towards a potential delay for its upcoming metaverse phone. The smartphone company is blaming supply chain issues as the reason behind the delay.

HTC Could Delay the Launch of Its Awaited Metaverse Smartphone

According to the story by Android Police, HTC was considered one of the “biggest names in Android phones” just a few years ago, but it hasn’t been able to release anything new since 2018. The company’s last device is called the HTC U12+, and now, four years later, it seems like the company’s new phone will be delayed.

The reason behind the belief that HTC’s new phone could be delayed points toward comments made by the company. While the metaverse-focused smartphone should have been set for launch this year, it could take a while longer before its release.

Company Blames Pandemic’s Effect on the Supply Chain as Reason for the Delay

As seen on Facebook, HTC Taiwan has been replying to certain comments regarding its upcoming smartphone. As seen in its replies, apparently, the company will be experiencing setbacks in its original plans.

HTC points toward the pandemic’s effect on the supply chain as the issue behind their decision to delay the product launch. Although the delay didn’t specifically point toward the metaverse flagship phone due to being part of the company’s entire lineup, it was suggested that the phone is indeed included.

No Details Provided Regarding the Smartphone’s Specs

As of press time, not many details have been released regarding how the phone’s design or function. One thing that’s sure, however, is that the phone might fetch a higher price and will be packed with newer AR technologies.

An article by NDTV detailed how the company planned to launch its metaverse phone. As per the article, HTC’s next phone is supposed to be a high-end next-gen device capable of taking on different immersive technologies of the metaverse.

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No Details Regarding the Type of VR or AR Tech the Company Plans to Add

Although HTC hasn’t been at the top of the list when it comes to smartphones, its goal for the next device is to “recapture the early success that made them a global name.” Charles Huang, the general manager for HTC’s Asia-Pacific region, detailed its upcoming phone in an announcement during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022.

The event was held in Barcelona, Spain, and as per Huang, the company plans to launch a new phone with characteristics of the metaverse. So far, details, specifications, and other pieces of important information haven’t been released regarding the smartphone.

There is also no news as to when the phone will launch and no additional detail regarding what type of VR or AR features they will be adding to the device.

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