Google’s Second-Gen Wired Nest Doorbell is Out—Features, Price, and Everything You Need to Know!


Google technology company has released the second generation of its Nest Doorbell today. Wired and always on, this unit is made available for customers who do not want to keep track of the battery life remaining on their device or worry about poor WiFi.

The product is approximately 30 percent more compact than its battery-powered counterpart, allowing it to fit into smaller and more restricted areas easily.

The New Nest Doorbell and its Features

In a blog post by Google, featured by Engadget, the firm invested a significant amount of time and effort during the fine-tuning of the recent model. This included testing in various environments to ensure that the images it produces are distinct and recognizable and providing HDR support for capturing more details.

Moreover, such a compact doorbell unit is a means to eliminate the fish-eye appearance that is frequently present in most doorbell cameras.

Nest camera devices can identify what it sees, such as a person, a pet, or a vehicle passing by. This feature enables it to send accurate notifications to the owner when it detects any moving object in its field of view.

Users have the option to “talk and listen” to whoever is at the door or to pre-record messages as a response when guests stop by.

The latest model has an internal memory capable of storing the sounds, motion, and other activities detected within one hour.

In addition, the Nest may save three hours of event video history with individual clips lasting up to five minutes at no additional cost.

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Integrated with Google Home App

Customers can expect the wired Nest doorbell and Google Home app to work seamlessly. This allows users to build routines for several circumstances, such as programming the porch lights to change settings whenever the doorbell rings.

In the near future, Google plans to roll out an update to its Home website, allowing customers to monitor all of the feeds from their Nest doorbell and camera devices on the web.

The Membership Fees

Users who decide to upgrade their account and pay the monthly fee of $6 for a Nest Aware membership will be able to view event video history for 30 days.

Those who are prepared to pay $12 per month for a Nest Aware Plus subscription will have access to 60 days of event video history and 10 days of continuous video recording available around the clock.

Available Now in US and Canada

 In the United States, consumers may purchase this model for $179.99 each today. The colors available are Snow, Linen, Ash, and Ivy.

Meanwhile, the Snow and Ash color versions are now available to purchase in Canada for CA$239.99 each.

DXOMark’s Brief Review

DXOMark is a known company specializing in testing and reviewing various electronics’ image, display, audio, and battery quality.

According to Google, it tested eight doorbells for different manufacturers. It said, “The Google Nest Doorbell (wired, 2nd-gen) is the best camera doorbell we have tested so far in terms of image quality, with a high level of detail and accurate exposure, allowing you to easily recognize whoever is at the door, even at night.”

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