Google’s Pixel Buds Pro Is Getting a Volume-Balancing Redo


The Pixel Buds Pro is a flagship product in Google’s audio portfolio. Its active noise cancellation and long battery life made it one of the most popular earbuds on the market. According to recent reports, the Pixel Bud Pro may receive its most significant update.

Next Google Pixel Buds Pro Update Includes Volume Balancing Support

According to XDA, the Google Pixel Buds Pro will soon support volume balancing. This is especially good news for many users, as most reviews state that the Google audio device lacks the default tuning that most earpieces have. 

The new volume-balance slider will allow users to individually adjust the volume of each earpiece to better suit their audio needs. This is especially helpful when watching movies or listening to music. However, this feature has a catch: these volume setting functionalities may conflict with other volume balance options present in other devices.

Aside from that, the new update will include a five-band equalizer, a fantastic audio quality feature for the Pixel Buds.

With the addition of the five-band equalizer, users will be able to select from five different audio bands. Each new featured sound band will have horizontal sliders for Low Bass, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Upper Treble.

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The previous update of the Buds Pro allowed users to adjust audio bands using vertical and horizontal sliders, but this new update will allow users to choose from seven different presets, including Balanced, Clarity, Default, Heavy Bass, Last Saved, Light Base, and Heavy Boost.

This data was extracted first through 9to5Google, which reverse-engineered the most recent update to determine the new upcoming changes. The online tech news outlet obtained this information by decompiling the latest Pixel Buds patch, version 1.0.474476083.

In the same report, one of these upcoming features, Spatial Audio, was teased as a new toggle with no apparent functionality in the Android 13 QPR1 Beta.

Leaked Features to Launch Soon

The identified features are not yet available in the Google Pixel Buds app’s current version. According to reports, the volume-balancing feature may be added to the device software once the five-band equalizer is introduced.

In other Google tech news, the search engine giant’s Pixel Buds are now available on Amazon for a $25 discount. The Pixel Buds Pro was originally priced at $199.99. And for that price, the Google earbuds already offer noise cancellation, a dependable battery life, and adequate overall sound quality. This is most likely the best deal we can get before Cyber Monday in November.

With the new audio update coming soon to the device app, we can say that the buds can now have better audio tuning. The Pixel Buds are most likely one of the most feature-rich earbuds on the market. Despite its high price, this device can be a great investment, especially if you enjoy movies and ambient sounds.

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