Google Nest Audio Speakers on Sale, Grab Two For Only $120


Smart speakers are the best way to stream audio content as you can connect them to your entire house.

They are often pricy, but luckily Adorama is offering a pair of Google Nest Audio smart speakers at a discounted rate, so this is the perfect time to grab a handful.

Google Nest Audio on Sale

Two Google Nest Audios are now available for only $120 on Adorama. If you need only one smart speaker, you can purchase it for only $65, saving $35 in the process.

The Google Nest Audio has always offered a robust music experience without the expensive price tag, but now it is even more affordable at $80 or 40% off the regular bundle.

Although the Google Nest Audio is not on par with other music-focus speakers when it comes to audio quality, it still sounds a lot better compared to the Nest Mini.

The smart speaker is loud enough for small and medium-sized rooms, and using two of them can deliver incredible stereo sound, according to CNET.

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Since it is a Google smart speaker, it supports Google Assistant voice commands, and you can even tell it to play whatever you want after connecting it to your account and your music streaming services.

Just like other Google Nest speakers, it is covered in cloth for a clean aesthetic, and it blends really well with most home decor. At 7 inches tall and 3 inches thick, this smart speaker will fit well on shelves, coffee tables, racks, and more.

The second-generation Google Nest Hub is currently on sale if you wish to get a smart display instead. It now costs $65, which is $35 off the usual retail price.

Google Nest Hub Max

The bigger smart display, Google Nest Hub Max, is also on sale for $179, which is $50 off the retail price.

With its 10-inch touchscreen, the Google Nest Hub Max is currently Google’s biggest smart display, and it also has the best sound quality.

The Verge has given it a score of 86 in their review, praising it not just for having an amazing display and sound quality but also for its ability to double as a Nest Cam. It also can play and pause media with just gestures.

Everything else about it is the same as the other Google Nest Hub displays. It has two far-field microphones, its modern, fabric-wrapped design, to its remarkable ability to adjust the screen to the lighting in the room, so your pictures look more like they are printed than displayed.

The Google Hub Max has the exact same controls and layout as the smaller model, according to Android Authority.

It has volume buttons on the right side behind the screen and a mute toggle switch that can disable the two far-field microphones and camera in the bezel around the display.

You can even configure the Google Hub Max’s settings if you want to disable the camera but maintain the always-listening mics.

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