Elon Fanboys Create a Musk Sculpture with Goat Body Riding a Space Rocket


If you are the richest man in the world and the owner of multiple major businesses, it is no surprise that you would be seen everywhere, such is the case with Elon Musk.

This time, the billionaire is seen in an unlikely yet comical form – a massive head statue with a goat body riding on a space rocket. Self-described huge Musk fans are zipping to Austin, Texas to showcase this quirky statue.


Elon Goat Token

Musk has made significant contributions to the cryptocurrency industry, according to the sculpture’s creators, who also run a business called Elon Goat Token. Musk’s head is on a goat’s body because the sculpture is meant to represent that he is the GOAT, which stands for Greatest Of All Time.

USA Today reports that it is more than 30 feet long, and 20 feet tall, and Musk’s head, which is sporting a Dogecoin necklace, is roughly 6 feet tall.

It is mounted on the back of a semi-trailer. Additionally, the sculpture has elements like lighting, simulated rocket fire, smoke, and lasers.

Elon Goat Token holders intend to present Musk with the statue in person to advertise and advance the cryptocurrency platform.

Owners intend to deliver it to Tesla’s offices on Saturday during a business event called “GOATSgiving,” which brings together supporters of Musk and cryptocurrencies.

The sculpture has attracted a lot of attention, which fits perfectly with the marketing objective to simply be wild and out there, according to Richard Latimer, a co-founder of Elon Goat Token.

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“Blew Everything Up”

Latimer said that they dedicate the statue to Musk because he jumped in for crypto at the right time and completely “blew everything up.” It is worth noting that Musk has been a keen supporter of crypto coins such as Doge and Baby Doge.

The memorial honoring Musk, according to its creators, cost $600,000. They added that the initiative was mostly funded through fees on cryptocurrency transactions and donations from members of the crypto community.

The billionaire initially gave support for bitcoin in 2021 when he purchased $1.5 billion in bitcoin through Tesla, however, the latter business sold off most of it in the first few months of this year. Since then, Musk has been more interested in Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based on the Shiba Inu meme.

One of the creators of the crypto company, Ashley Sansalone, stated that the concept for the memorial to the Elon GOAT NFT project first came to him when he was approached to provide advice on an Elon NFT project.

The sculpture’s construction commenced approximately a year ago, and it traveled to Austin, it stopped in Arizona, Washington, and California, among other places.

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