BusinessCauses of False Fire Alarms

Causes of False Fire Alarms


Properties and businesses are usually mandated by the government to install fire alarms. If not, the owner’s or manager’s initiative can give the peace of mind, that fires can be avoided. However, no matter how modern these fire protection equipment are, they could provide false alarms.

Every party involved in the specification, design, installation, commissioning, operational management, and maintenance of the fire detection and fire alarm system bears responsibility for reducing false alarms. False alarms in your workplace might put your company and its employees in danger. These pose major concerns, including neglect toward fire alarms if they occur frequently, wasted time for a business, increased expenses, and the possibility for large fines from the governments.

If you are struggling to know when is the right time to do it, hiring fire watch guards could be a great help. They are experienced and well-trained in these systems, making the process simpler and faster. On the other hand, here are some of the reasons why there could be false fire alarms.

Some kitchen or household appliances

It is normal that some kitchen appliances may require heat for them to operate, not just stoves. One of the best examples is the bread toaster. This is not just limited to houses, but to offices as well. To decrease these dangers, cooking equipment must be appropriately placed, exhaust fans must be installed, and they must be well cleaned. These alerts are much reduced when employees are made fully aware of the hazards and are instructed not to put food or cook alone. If you have a commercial kitchen, it is recommended to have a fully automated fire detection system.

Dust, dirt, and insects

These fire protection systems are usually installed in areas where dirt and dust would typically accumulate. In addition, insects flying around has the possibility to be trapped in fire detectors. This causes fire system detectors to clog, which can result in false fire alarms. In manufacturing and industrial environments, this is a particularly frequent cause of false alarms. To keep systems in good condition, fans must be properly maintained and fire alarms must be cleaned on a regular basis.


If your workplace or home has to deal with equipment that provides heat, be careful not to place them near fire alarms. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully plan the placement and arrangement. A cooling system and proper ventilation should also be required especially in manufacturing or industrial businesses. To add, homes using a fireplace should be careful whenever it is in use.

Other possible causes

A fire alarm system should have a suitable setting depending on its environment. The reduction of false fire alarms can also be assigned to a responsible person but regular maintenance is required. Inadequate policies and procedures with regards to the operating equipment or machinery are the frequent sources of false alarms. It is possible to greatly minimize false alarms by ensuring that all staff members or tenants have received and completed training.

Fire alarm maintenance and testing should be conducted on a regular basis, and any concerns should be fixed as soon as it is appropriate. This is the only way to ensure that the fire alarm system continues to function properly.

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