Black Friday Sale Sees Xbox Series S Drop to Just $234: Lowest Price Recorded


A new Black Friday Sale sees the price of the Xbox Series S drop to just $234. The discovery was noted as the lowest price the console has ever dropped to.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were Extremely Hard to Purchase When It First Launched Two Years Ago

Upon launch two years ago, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been extremely difficult to purchase. One reason is that scalpers have been buying out available stock and selling it at higher prices.

This is also due to the semiconductor shortage, which affected the supply of the consoles. Due to the supply shortage, the consoles have been resold at higher prices.

No PlayStation Counterpart for the Xbox Series S

While it was almost impossible to get an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S at a fair price upon launch, supply has improved. On top of getting better, the Xbox Series S was spotted selling at a discount which is very surprising since it was once almost impossible to buy.

To be fair, the Xbox Series S is not as hard to purchase as the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5. This is because the Xbox Series S is a lower-spec version of the Xbox Series X.

Some People Prefer the Xbox Series X Despite It Being More Expensive than the Xbox Series S

When choosing a console, some buyers prefer the Xbox Series X instead of the Xbox Series S. This is despite the price difference between the two, with the Xbox Series S being a more affordable option.

The unique thing about the Xbox Series S is that it does not have a PlayStation counterpart. The PlayStation 5 did not launch with a more affordable model.

A New Black Friday Sale Sees the Xbox Series S Drop to Its Lowest Price Ever

The good news is that for buyers that don’t mind getting the Xbox Series S, there is a possibility for them to purchase the console at an affordable price. With the recent Black Friday sale, the price of the Xbox Series S has reportedly dropped due to a significant discount.

According to the story by Tom’s Guide, they were able to spot the lowest price for the Xbox Series S. The new discovery topped the lowest price listed when the console was sold at $249 from its original price of $299.

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The Lowest Price of the Xbox Series S is at $234

In a recent Black Friday Sale discovery, the Xbox Series S was spotted on Dell selling for just $234, a $65 discount from its original listing. Surprisingly, the deal was not found on Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy.

The Xbox Series S sold at a significant discount was spotted on Dell. Buyers that want to take advantage of this deal should still hurry since stock for the Xbox Series S remains scarce in supply.

As per the official Xbox website, the Xbox Series S is sold at $249.99.

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