Bitcoin Enables Sovereign Individuality, Our Digital Future’s Holy Grail

Whether it is how folks reside, their capacity to journey to totally different locations or how property are all fully digitized, the world is swiftly altering. In the cryptocurrency trade, we function in a wholly digital format whereas many people try to take care of privateness and protect the sovereignty of the person. This means not solely the sovereignty of 1’s property, but additionally the sovereignty of how you’re employed, the place you’re employed, the place you reside and what you reside for.

My favourite e book is “The Sovereign Individual by James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg. I see it as a roadmap for the blockchain ecosystem. Bitcoin is an aperture for what the e book describes and the place the longer term goes. The authors state that the cybereconomy, not China’s legacy one, might change into the best financial phenomenon of our age.

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