Apple Blocks iPhone, iPad iOS 15.6.1 Downgrades


Apple blocked iOS 15.6.1 downgrades for iPhone users.

The iPhone maker has stopped signing the said iOS update roughly a month since it first rolled out to millions of mobile devices to fix some critical security flaws.

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Apple Blocks iPhone iOS 15.6.1 Downgrades

According to a report by the Forbes, the renowned tech giant released its iOS 15.6.1 update to address an actively exploited security flaw, which cyber attackers have been using to hack iPhones.

To be more precise, the 15.6.1 software update fixed two security issues, which Apple says “may have been actively exploited.”

The tech giant warns that these two security flaws could potentially expose millions of iPhone users to hacks. And in fact, the Cupertino-based phone maker believes that some attackers have already started using the vulnerability.

All that said, Apple highlights that the software release brings “important security updates,” recommending all users to install it right away.

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But this time, as per the latest news by the 9to5 Mac, Apple has stopped signing its iOS 15.6.1 update, preventing iPhone users from downgrading to this particular version.

The online news outlet notes latest versions of iOS, including the new iOS 16, have carried out these security fixes. So it only makes sense that Apple is letting go of this update as it stops signing it.

It essentially means that downgrading to version iOS 15.6.1 would no longer be possible for hundreds and millions of iPhone users from various parts of the world.

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How to Revert from iOS 16

But does this necessarily indicate that Apple has blocked iOS 16 to iOS 15 downgrades too? Well, not really. 9to5 Mac notes in its report that there is still a way to do so.

While Apple has blocked iOS 15.6.1 downgrades, the newer iOS 15.7 still allows iPhone users to revert from iOS 16.

According to a report by the Mac Rumors, the iPhone maker rolled out iOS 15.7 along with the all-new iOS 16 update.

It lets users get their hands on important security and bug fixes without diving into the massive iOS 16 release.

However, downgrading from iOS 16 to iOS 15.7 requires iPhone users to install it via a Mac or a PC. It could be the best route for users experiencing annoying bugs with the latest update in the meantime.

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